Antares Autotune VST

Antares Autotune VST 7.1

Corrects intonation and timing errors
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7.1.2 (See all)
Fixes intonation or timing errors in the vocals or in solo instruments without creating artifacts or distortions. Also repairs pitch issues.

Auto-Tune VST is a precision tool for correcting intonation and timing errors or creatively modifying the intonation or rhythmic articulation of a performance. For pitch correction, it employs state-of-the-art digital signal processing algorithms (many, interestingly enough, drawn from the geophysical industry) to continuously detect the pitch of a periodic input signal (typically a solo voice or instrument) and instantly and seamlessly change it to a desired pitch (defined by any of a number of user programmable scales, MIDI input, or through the use of graphical editing tools).

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